Supercut: Terrible Karate and Your Morning Links

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Review: Oz The Great and Powerful |Film Drunk|

Huzzah! Bret returns. |Frotcast|

‘SNL’ Recap: Justin Timberlake (And Steve Martin, Jay-Z, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks, More) |Warming Glow|

The Best Of The ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt Working Out’ Photoshop Challenge |UPROXX|

Mul-ti-pass [via Fck Yeah Dementia]

Forget Dennis Rodman, Ric Flair Was The Original North Korean Diplomat |With Leather|

5 Ways The Launches Of The Next Playstation And Xbox Will Follow In The Wii U’s Footsteps
|Gamma Squad|

Movie Studios See Revenues Increase Since Megaupload Closing, And Other Kim Dotcom News |Smoking Section|

Terrible Towels Have Nipples, According To Steelers Fan Tattoo |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Bad girls bend at the waist |theChive|

5 Tech-Savvy Tricks to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep |Mental Floss|

Justin Bieber Threatens To ‘Beat The F*ck’ Out Of Photographer, Hilariously Thinks That’s Possible |The Superficial|

The Worst Contracts In The NBA |Grantland|

Ocean Public Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly RIGHT! |Videogum|

What If He Hadn’t Joined Monty Python? |HuffPost Comedy|

8 Nuclear Movies That Won’t Give You Radiation Poisoning |Screen Junkies|

Every Infomercial Ever Summed Up In 11 GIFS |College Humor|

We Have Selena Gomez’s Dad To Thank For Everything That’s About To Happen |IDLYITW|

Oz Beyond Oz: 10 Ruby-Slipper-Less Wizard of Oz Treatments |Vulture|

Opinion: ‘Leprechaun’ Is the Best Horror Series Ever Made |NextMovie|

Hooters Ball Girl Tosses Live Ball into Crowd |Clip Nation|

The 10 Most Intense Documentaries Ever Made ||

25 Best Cars Under $25,000 |Giant Life|

Power Ranking TV’s Favorite Spooks And Secret Agents |Pajiba|

Saying YOLO, and 20 Things Everyone Needs to Stop Doing |Brobible|

Masters of Westeros: Castle Greyjoy |High Definite|

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