SUPERCUT: The Three-Point Landing (& Morning Links

Three-Point Landing: The Supercut. Someone actually suggested we make this supercut like a year ago, but I’m lazy, so I just waited for someone else to make it. [DuncanRobson]

Supercut: Kickboxer, Just the Kicking |Film Drunk|

10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports |With Leather|

Steve Francis Returns…With A Rap Video |Smoking Section|

Some people have mini-Louisville Sluggers in their backseat for protection, and others think outside the box [via itmakesnosense]

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: ‘The Old Gods and the New’ |Warming Glow|

The Best Of #Andy Dwyer |UPROXX|

This Wounded Veteran’s Transformation Is The Tearjerker Of The Day |Gamma Squad|

Mark Wahlberg Really Doesn’t Get How Glass Works |TheSuperficial|

13 Reasons Why Ken Jeong Should Host Saturday Night Live |Buzzfeed|

College Humor Original: Sex With The Hulk |College Humor|

The Late Movies: The Best Simpsons Songs |Mentalfloss|

WATCH: Kate Beckinsale Wants Republicans In Her Vagina |HuffPost Comedy|

Jay-Z just found his 100th problem |Fark|

Genius Child Abandons Idiot Family In Face Of Dinosaur Threat |Videogum|

The First Ever ‘Celebrities Without Makeup’ Post Not Designed to Humiliate |Pajiba|

Who Is the Hot Girl In The 2012 Agent Provocateur ‘The Chase’ Commercial? |Guy Speed|

Adam Yauch’s Most Cutting Edge Projects |ScreenJunkies|

Men Who Watch the World Burn |Unreality|

Here Are All 72 of Lionel Messi’s Goals This Season |Brobible|

A Dachshund and A Pug Fighting in Bee and Dinosaur Costumes With Whitney Houston Singing In The Background |High Definite|

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