Superman is shirtless, beardy

Zack Snyder is currently shooting his Superman movie, Man of Steel, in Vancouver, with Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. So far, we know that Cavill’s Superman (Clark Kent?) is… uh… bearded. Though we’re not sure why at this point. Maybe he joins an indie band? It’s anyone’s guess. All I know is, a beard seems awful informal for a guy wearing a cape.
Meanwhile, does it bother anyone else that Thor has a shaved chest while Superman is au natural? Because when I think “Viking,” I think hairy mountain man. Whereas Superman is a guy in red underpants and knee-high boots. He seems like the type to shave, if not wax. I mean, he’d at least trim to keep it from getting all tangled up underneath that spandex, wouldn’t he? It’s quite possible I’ve put too much thought into this.

“Hold my shoes, bro, I’m gonna go throw a bank robber at the moon.”
“How am I? Do I look cut? Should I go with this necklace or the pooka shells? Uhhhh, I can’t tell if she’s looking over here.”
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This next batch is from a few days ago. Though it looks like the same scene.
Superman’s other kryptonite? Sweets.
Everyone knows you don’t tug on Superman’s cape. A lesser-known adage: KEEP YOUR GODDAMNED DIRTY PAWS OFF HIS FLAN!

Cavill had a special handler responsible for picking the ticks out of his beard like a chimp. As an added benefit, the tick-picker provided his own food.
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