The Captain America Sequel Will Have Low Ratings

Captain America: The First Avenger was a huge success, raking in more than $176 million at the box office while perfectly setting up the super soldier’s introduction into The Avengers. And since The Avengers also made a zillion bucks, it’s safe to say that Marvel can’t wait to roll out the next round of sequels to keep the “CHA-CHING” arm pumps coming.

But not on the bill for Captain 2: Patriotic Boogaloo is director Joe Johnston, who is probably either asking too much for the sequel or focusing on Jurassic Park IV. Either way, he’s out. So who’s replacing him? The guys who gave us You, Me and Dupree.

Joe and Anthony Russo are in negotiations to helm the sequel to Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger. The next film to follow the 2011 hit is scheduled to be released April 4, 2014. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are writing the screenplay. (Via Deadline)

This is interesting news, because the Russo brothers have a hell of a résumé. The problem is that their background is mostly in television comedy, as Dupree and the TV movie The Council of Dads are their only real film work. That’s got to have Marvel film fans quaking in their knee-high latex boots just a little bit.

Otherwise, whip out your nerd boners, folks, because these guys have directed Community, Happy Endings, Arrested Development, and the enjoyable but short-lived Carpoolers. So my advice to them is to include a scene in Captain America 2 in which Chris Evans has to encourage Jane from Happy Endings to wrestle Alison Brie in a hot tub filled with pudding in order to stop the Red Skull. God bless America, indeed.