‘The Counselor’ Teaser, in English this time

Hey, remember all that stuff I said about The Counselor this morning? Well just imagine that again, but with a trailer in English this time. I was so distracted by Javier Bardem’s Hawaiian shirt and cheetahs the first time around that I barely noticed Michael Fassbender, looking all slick in his little black shirt. Problem: corrected.

“If your definition of a friend is someone who will die for you, then you don’t have any friends.”

I see Cormac McCarthy doesn’t subscribe to the same philosophy as the writers of Prometheus, Oblivion, The Town… How will an action movie even work if minor characters aren’t willing to sacrifice their lives for the good of the plot/leads??? I guess we’ll find out.

Also: Trailer editors. Notice how much more effective the “sproing” sound at the beginning was in creating tension than the cheesy ass “BRAAAAHM” sound effects toward the end? Come on, guys, Inception was three years ago.