The FilmDrunk Interview: Jason Mewes

This interview is also published in the March 2012 issue of Axis Magazine.

Later this year, the beloved cult classic Clerks will turn 18-years old, and while it will be old enough to vote and fight for our country, it still won’t be able to buy beer. Luckily, the film introduced us to two characters who redefined loitering and convenience store hijinks – Jay and Silent Bob. Played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, the pot-smoking duo has earned a glorious status as a generation’s greatest slackers, but their best days are behind them, as they took a bow, fittingly, in 2006’s Clerks 2.

That doesn’t mean that the legend is dead, though. Mewes and Smith have been traveling the world for their new live show, “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old,” and they’ve given their devoted fanboys an opportunity to relive their glory days with never-before-told stories from their past films like Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And they’re still coming back for more… kind of. Jay and Silent Bob will once again swing their socks full of quarters in the upcoming animated feature, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, for which Mewes will earn his first producer’s credit.

Mewes also has plenty of other projects in the pipeline, from indie film starring roles to his first directing gig, too. Busy or not, he was kind enough to spend a minute or 30 with me on the phone after he returned home from a brief European tour, filling me in on Jay growing old and, of course, the Tao of “Snoochie boochies.” (Warning: There be some curse words beyond these parts…)

Burnsy: What has it been like to be traveling throughout Europe for “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” and speaking in front of and to these fiercely loyal fans?

Jason Mewes: It was really awesome, it’s definitely just like it is here. There’s always that city that’s a little bit rowdier and a little bit louder, and all five of our shows sold out over there so that was really cool. The shows in London and Manchester sold out in like 7 or 8 days and Ireland sold out in something like three weeks to a month.