The Hangover is a Simpsons Episode, Clearly

It’s weird, I totally remember this Simpsons episode (“Viva Ned Flanders“, from the 10th season, first aired in 1999), but I didn’t realize the full extent of the similarities. The actual plots aren’t that similar (Homer finds out Flanders is 60 years old and has never had any fun, and takes him to Vegas where they win and lose money at roulette and wake up married to hookers), but some of the basic details — the tiger, Mike Tyson (Drederick Tatum in The Simpsons), the quickie wedding to a hooker — are eerie. Then again, there really aren’t that many things to do in Vegas other than gamble, get drunk, marry hookers, trash hotel rooms, and maybe if you’re lucky there’s a tiger. I’ve never been that lucky. Closest I came last time I was there was a guy named “Dragon” with very well-manicured chinstrap who promised to get me a great deal on bottle service. Yeah, thanks but no thanks, Broheim. I have my own bottle service always on call, who I like to call “7/11.”

[via Memebase]