The ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ Trailer Looks Amazing Despite The Kevin Connolly Doppelgänger

I must admit that despite the fact that an E lookalike appears in the trailer, this movie looks like it’s gonna be incredible and those aliens look scary as fu*k. Of course, having not seen the first Monsters movie directed by Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, I can’t really speak to how Dark Continent will diverge from the original… other than the fact that Tom Green (not this guy, but this guy) will be directing the sequel. Good thing the people over at CinemaBlend actually see movies regularly and have a few words about them.

If there’s any truth to the old saying about the value of first impressions, then Monsters: Dark Continent appears to be in good shape. Tom Green’s film looks to be completely different tonally than Gareth Edwards’ original offering, upping the level of action, the size of the cast, and the amount of monsters shown on the screen. You know what they say about sequels – go bigger or don’t bother. While this might disappoint fans of the original Monsters, it should help win over those folks who thought the first film was too subtle for its own good.

I may not know much about monsters, but I know a thing or two about aliens and I’m fairly certain that this is a movie about aliens. I’ve seen a myriad of monster movies in my life (from Monsters, Inc. to Monsters University) and, from what I remember, most of these movies tend to make monster and aliens mutually exclusive beings. That’s why they called that one movie Monsters vs. Aliens and not Monsters and/or Aliens Depending On Your Definition Of MonstersAnd before you go on calling me “nitpicky” or some other word that sounds vaguely like a racial slur (never noticed that until right now), I’ll tell you that I had the exact same problem with Starship Troopers calling their aliens “bugs.” Those are not bugs, they are aliens goddammit! Stop trying to make alien movies where you avoid saying the word “alien!” It’s almost as annoying as people making a whole zombie movie and not using the word “zombie.” WE KNOW WHAT THEY’RE CALLED AND SO DO YOU YOU GODDAMN LAZY, DIRTY NITPICKYS!