The New Muppets Posters Take On Twilight

As always, I’m a sucker for anything Muppets, and as we wait patiently for The Muppets to hit theaters, we’re lucky to have a fun marketing campaign treating us with parody posters. The latest set are Twilight spoofs with Kermit playing the role of Vamphibian, Miss Piggy as Bella Swine (which is really damn funny, unless your inner child is dead) and Rowlf as WereRowlf. If you think about it, Miss Piggy really is the perfect Twihard, too.

The new posters join the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo spoof poster that we got a kick out of, as well as the standard posters that just remind us how awesome the Muppets are. Not to mention the trailer and most recent clip that introduces the new Muppet, Walter, too. I think the only way that Disney could ruin all of this Muppets marketing is if Statler and Waldorf turned out to be Penn State boosters.

(Via Den of Geek)