The New Trailer For ‘Into The Storm’ Makes ‘Twister’ Look Like A Light Sneeze

If real life natural disasters simply aren’t violent enough for your taste and don’t destroy enough homes and ruin enough lives, then Warner Bros. has the movie event of the summer for you with Into the Storm. In this film, the fictional town of Silverton and its citizens, living on Main Street USA, experience the horror of a series of tornadoes and storms, each one more devastating than the next. And we’re not just talking about giant cylinders of wind that can transport a young girl from Kansas to a magical land or toss cows around like they’re ants. These tornadoes are going to make your poop poop its own poop.

The storms that make Twister look like a movie about a party game that guys use to grope women have been brought to life by director Steven Quale, who cut his teeth on 2011’s 5nal D5stination 5: The Fifth One Where Kids Die From Crazy Sh*t, and it was written by John Swetnam, who penned the epic dance battle masterpiece, Step Up: All In. In this new trailer for Into the Storm, we get a much more in-depth look at the human aspect of the damages caused by the storms, and it’s sure to make people feel a new sense of compassion for the airlines affected by ridiculous superstorms.