The Queen of England Made Angelina Jolie An ‘Honorary Dame,’ Whatever That Means

10.10.14 4 years ago 13 Comments
There is SO little wrong with this picture.

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There is SO little wrong with this picture.

With each passing day, Angelina Jolie grows closer to a fully functional representation of human perfection. Whatever you think of her performance in Maleficent (loved it) or some of her noblesse oblige activism (less loved it), the actress does make a significant effort to improve the crappy world around her. To celebrate her efforts, the Queen of England has awarded Jolie the title of ‘honorary dame,’ in “celebration for her services to UK foreign policy and the campaign to end war zone sexual violence.”

So while I’m a little unclear what the title of honorary dame actually grants the actress (I’m guessing nothing. Maybe coupons?), it’s definitely not bad to hear that someone’s been acknowledged for their legitimately good work. Jolie serves as envoy for the UN High Commissioner of Refugees and also founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, which seeks to end sexual violence in conflict zones. Two totally you-can’t-argue-this-is-bad goals, rewarded by the slightly-useless-but-totally-nice Queen Elizabeth II.

According to BBC, Jolie can’t be made an official dame because of her US citizenship. Sadly, she’ll just have to rely on her stunning husband and family and $145 million dollar net worth to keep her happy.

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