The Red Band Trailer For ‘That Awkward Moment’ Reminds Us That Bros Will Be Bros!

BROS! Call that pledge with the lazy eye that got kicked out of school last week for pissing in the arts fountain and tell him he’s on Double D duty on January 31, because that’s when That Awkward Moment hits theaters and we are not going to MISS THAT SH*T, BROS! Finally, it’s a movie about how us bros aren’t just macho awesome studs with huge boners that need to be taken care of nightly. We’ve got emotions, too, and, like, no matter how many bro codes we have, we can’t stop our hearts from falling in love. Whatever, you’re gay.

Zac Efron’s in this red band trailer and he’s all, “Hey funny average every man bro, Miles Teller from 21 & Over, we should stay loyal to our single black friend by not dating and all, right?” but then they all fall in love with some babes and it’s like – bros, sometimes our feelings and our boners are the same thing. That’s called love. And if you love Blowjob Stacy, then you need to run to Blowjob Stacy. RIP Blowjob Stacy.