The Rock is going to punch earthquakes or something in ‘San Andreas’

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10.15.13 33 Comments


The Rock’s positive public image seems to be immune to bad movies in a way that surpasses Bill Murray and maybe even Arnold Schwarzenegger (who’ve both been in many, many times more good movies than The Rock). It sounds like he’ll be putting his own charisma to the test yet again in a disaster movie called San Andreas, from the director of Journey 2 and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Not only is The Rock going to prove he’s a movie star, he’s going to spot you 15 yards first. Did I mention he’s also shooting a Brett Ratner movie right now?

From Variety:

Dwayne Johnson is ready to jumpstart a fresh property as he is set to star in New Line’s 3D disaster pic “San Andreas.”

Brad Peyton is attached to direct with “The Conjuring” scribes Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes writing the most recent draft that went to the greenlight committee.

Story takes place when a massive quake strikes California and centers on one man who must make the treacherous journey across the state to rescue his estranged daughter.

Naturally, I’ve come up with a series of suggested taglines for SAN ANDREAS.

“THIS SUMMER… Dwayne The Rock Johnson IS… LOYAL to a FAULT.”

“When the Earth starts shaking, we all need a ROCK to hold on to.”

“How do you stop two tectonic plates from grinding against each other? Jam THE ROCK in them.”


“San Andreas. It’s an 8.5 on the ROCKter Scale.”

“This Summer… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a lot on his plate… tectonics.”

“This Summer… the Earth’s crust gets ROCKED, and then an Earthquake happens.”

“This Summer… even the world’s largest Earthquake is nothing compared to the aftershRocks.”

“You won’t believe the Earth’s magmatism.”

“When THE BIG ONE hits, only THE ROCK can HIT BACK.”

[pic via Getty/Shutterstock. thanks to Danger, Burnsy, and Kurp for the tagline help]

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