Pretty noice, innit.  Dat’s whoy Oy do free ‘undred bloody crunches a day now don’ Oy.

Oi.  Oy’m Jason Stafam. Go see moy movie da Transpor’a Paht Free.  Heah’s some pictures from moy fock’n scrapbook.

Picture 1:  Awlroight yous cunts, backup cuz Oy’s takin’ moy shir’ off, an you don’ wanna be around when da guns come out now doesn’ dey.

Picture 2: Dis cunt’s pissed coz Oy’s shaggin dis fit bird.  Oi, oo d’ya fink da bird’s gonna loike, some cunt onna outsoide a da fock’n door, or Jason fock’n Stafam?  Fock’n is moy middle naime.

Picture 3: In dis one, Oy’s propa worried.  Oy’s finkin, “Oi, Stafam.  Did you do 800 pullups dis morning or only 799?  Oi, eivva way, you’s sure an ‘andsome cunt.”

Picture 4:  Oi, in dis one, Oy’s gonna deflect dis cunt’s knoife wif moy faice.  Won’ be da first toime Oy’s won a starin contest wiff a knoife.

Picture 5: In dis one, Oy’s bout ta give dis fit bird a knobbin onda hood a moy sazz wagon.  She looks loike she could use a good knobbin now don’ it.

Picture 6: In dis one, Oy’s troyin ta decoide whevva ta run ovva deez cunts in moy flash shoiny sazz wagon or taike me shir’ off an roide aroun’ on moy fock’n boicycle.

Picture 7: Now if dis don’ maike da bird’s moist den dey’s droy for loife now doesn’ dey.

Picture 8: Oi, fock off, ‘elmet! Oy’s fock’n Jason Stafam now don’ oy!  Oy can fock’n ponch an kick at the same toime!

[As a thanks to RopeofSilicon for these pictures, check out their feature on this year’s Oscar race]