The Toronto International Film Festival Has Declared Sept. 5 ‘Bill Murray Day’

The organizers of the Toronto International Film Festival decided that this year’s festivities would be the perfect backdrop for the debut of Bill Murray’s new comedy, St. Vincent. The problem, though, is that Murray is an impossible man to get a hold of, as legend has it that nobody knows his phone number, so there’s no calling or texting to see what the beloved actor is up to. In fact, we only ever hear from him when he’s randomly popping up in photos with strangers that he stopped to grab ice cream with or if he’s crashing engagement photos. Fortunately, the TIFF people not only locked down St. Vincent for a debut, but they decided that as long as Murray is going to be hanging out for the premiere, they might as well make an entire day of it.

According to Deadline, the festival’s second day, September 5, has been declared Bill Murray Day, and fans will be able to catch free screenings of three of the actor’s most beloved hit movies, while possibly winning tickets to catch the St. Vincent premiere.

The Toronto International Film Festival has dedicated one day of its 2014 edition to a celebration of the charismatic, wise-cracking, comedic genius of living legend Bill Murray. September 5 is Bill Murray Day and includes free public screenings of three comedy classics — Stripes, Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters — leading up to the world premiere of the latest Murray-starrer, Theodore Melfi’s St. Vincent. Though the Festival cannot Groundhog Day the Bill Murray Day, a contest will be held to reward Murray fans who attend all three free screenings. But, really, everyone is a winner on Bill Murray Day. (Via Deadline)

Fifty tickets to the screening are being given away, with the only catch being that the fans who receive them have to attend all three of the free screenings. Oh, the horror, having to sit through Stripes, Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters. I guess people might be able to complain if Charlie’s Angels was playing, but no festival is that cruel. Film festival aside, I think I speak for 99.9998% of the population when I say that we should just make Sept. 5 Bill Murray Day in general, forever.

The TIFF runs from Sept. 4-14.