Paul Feig’s Lady Ghostbusters Reboot Has Added The Writer Of ‘The Heat’

When I was at the Nerf Herder show last week as a special guest of Parry Gripp (*dusts off shoulders*), I heard them sing a song off their upcoming album called “Ghostbusters 3 is Never Going To Happen.” I hold that the title is probably correct, but Sony is at least making a show of sticking to this all-female Ghostbusters reboot idea they dropped on us last month, going so far as hiring a writer. The Heat screenwriter Katie Dippold has been added to the Paul Feig project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “buttress the female voice as the script is rehauled.” Ahh, so like an underwire screenwriter. That reminds me, I wonder if the Ghostbustresses will wear Ghostbustles.

Dippold has been tapped to co-write the script with Feig for the long-gestating third installment.

After years of development as a sequel with the intent to bring back the original team (Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis), script setbacks eventually led a path to focus on a new generation (think Jonah Hill). When Ramis died earlier this year and then original director Ivan Reitman left in March.

Feig came on board to rejuvenate the project in August. But he came with a twist: the Ghostbusters would now be a female team and the project would no longer be connected to the earlier movies but now launch a new series. [THR]

That sounds… uh… I don’t know. Whatever. After a decade of rumors and false starts, those are the sum total of my thoughts on a Ghostbusters sequel. If I wanted to see what talented, buzzworthy comedy people could bring to bad ideas that should’ve died 10 years ago, I’d watch network TV.

As for the possible cast, Burnsy had some ideas, and so did I: