This Documentary On High School Fashion Shot In 1984-1985 Is Incredible

The average person didn’t really have access to affordable video equipment until the early to mid 80s, so that’s really when the first slice-of-life type videos shot by your average high school student come from. I wish more of them had survived, because holy shit, these are amazing. I still remember where I was when I saw that ‘Wildwood, NJ‘ documentary shot at the Jersey Shore in the 1980s, and this 1984-1985 documentary about fashion shot at Antioch High School in the Bay Area is similarly mind blowing.

“I’m not really into fashion, I’m just into being myself.” – the girl above.

There’s also a guy at the 1:35 mark who says he’s into ska and punk, and describes Duran Duran as “sort of like ska, but not as intense.”

I’d love to make fun of him for this definition, but considering I thought my generation discovered ska in the mid 90s while rocking bleached hair and puka shells, I should probably refrain.

[hat tip: DangerousMinds, NetworkAwesome]