Meet The Couple Who Turned Their Pregnancy Announcement Into A Wes Anderson Movie

I’ve always been impressed by the sheer amount of artistry people put into their pregnancy announcements nowadays. It isn’t enough to shoot someone a text that you’re “knocked-up and sad;” in your thirties, birth announcements come with huge smiles, elaborate cardwork, outrageous demands. So it’s entirely fitting that a seemingly happy/well-adjusted couple decided to make a Wes Anderson-style short video to announce the “The Pretentious Presentation Of The Uterine Inhabitant,” aka their baby.

From quirky start to precious finish, the film is funny and spot-on. Think: antiquated font work, long cigarettes, considered pauses, flat affects, loopy narratives, stylized narration. There’s cartoon sperm and plenty of painful dancing. And while  I applaud the couple for their attention to detail, I’m deeply concerned about the potential follow-up videos. A David Lynch-style video where a happy couple gives birth to a talking limb. Or a Woody Allen-esque announcement where the father gives birth to his dream: himself. Maybe someone out there will “just call to let you know they’re pregnant,” but in 2014, that’s some crazy talk.

Check out the video above, or make one for yourself (Video, not baby. Parodies are great. Babies go to college).