This Week In Posters: Vin Diesel And James Bond And Johnny Depp Oh My

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09.09.15 31 Comments


This Week in Posters is back, and it’s a great week to be a movie poster. We’ve got Vin Diesel looking ridiculous, Nic Cage holding a flashlight for no reason, and praise be to God, someone actually lined up names and faces for once. It’s like poster designers have been reading these or something. Read on!

First up, we’ve got Pursuit, a movie whose producers were probably pissed when they heard about Hot Pursuit. I’m getting a Run Lola Run vibe from this poster (what with the wigs and the guns and whatnot), but mostly all I can focus on is the pistol guy over there on the left. He looks less like a guy who might shoot me than a sorority girl doing a “Charlie’s Angels” pose in a photo booth. His gun says “put your hands up” but his body language says “Hey, girl.”



PRUEBA DE FUEGO! Who knew “The Scorch Trials” would sound so much better in Spanish? Then again, almost anything sounds better than “The Scorch Trials,” which makes me laugh every time I read it. Also, I was really hoping the Spanish title would be “The Maze Runner: El Scorcho.”

Listenin’ to Cio-Cio San, runnin mazes all over agaaaain.

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