This Week in Movie Posters: Danny Trejo, ‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ And More

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07.25.16 21 Comments


Here at This Week In Movie Posters, we live and die by alphabetical order, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started with this poster for Autumn Lights. It’s floating heads, inside the silhouette of a floating head! I think the designer had to work so hard to make all those heads work that he forgot why he was doing it. Any clues what this is about? They all seem to be looking up at the sky. Except for the silhouette guy, of course. I have no clue. But “Angad Aulakh” is a cool name. I always like a name that would sound good being shouted during a human sacrifice. ANGAD AULAKH! ANGAD AULAKH! (*holds up severed head of nemesis*)

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