This Week In Posters: ‘Jigsaw,’ ‘Kingsman 2,’ And Cravats!

08.22.17 6 months ago 42 Comments


This week in This Week in Posters we begin with adorable lil’ Tom Cruise, looking so suave in his unbuttoned doll clothes in this poster for American Made. Get it? Those are lines of cocaine back there! That doesn’t really come through at first, kinda just looks like a Black Flag poster. My favorite part is the lady back there. I don’t know who she is, or what she’s doing, but it’s important to know that she’s there and she loves Tiny Tom very much. GRR, HETERO STUFF!


This poster for Anabolic Life is ugly as hell (orange?) but I’m intrigued, so I suppose mission accomplished. What was he doing before the steroids though? Coding? Going to Widespread Panic shows? What does he need the steroids for? Anyway, I hope it’s just like that one Ben Affleck after school special where he chugs the whole pill bottle and starts punching through walls. Man, steroids are awesome.


You really have to hand it to Blood Stripe for trying to pull off a floating head, silhouette, and fluttering flag all in the same poster. Maybe the flag was overkill? I mean, it’s already called “blood stripe.” Which sounds sort of like a gum brand.


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