This Week in Posters: The Hangover 3, 1st look at Harrison Ford in Anchorman

I think the prospect of a third Hangover sounds awful to most people, but… are they literally going to blow up Vegas in this one? Dammit, poster, this has me intrigued. And with the flaming cityscape in the background, all it would take is a new subtitle and Steven Seagal standing in the foreground with a katana to make this a perfect Steven Seagal poster. The Hangover 3: On Deadly Vengeance, starring Steven Seagal as Lt. Sergei Hangover.

I don’t think “Abstraction” was meant to describe the amount of Photoshop on the main face there, but it fits. Also, is that Eric Roberts down there with the glasses and the gun? Because it kind of looks like Andy Dick. He puts the bangs in “bang bang.”

I’ll admit I have almost zero interest in horror/slasher movies (unless they’re funny), but I’m impressed with any horror movie that doesn’t appear to be about a haunted house, an exorcism, or a creepy little kid. In fact, this one seems to be about a nice lady named Mary who bakes cakes or something.

Well now I want to know who James Booker is, so that seems like a success. And where I can get one of those badass eye patches with the star on it? That thing’s almost as cool as having two working eyes.

Jeez, another documentary about a guy named “James?” I mean hasn’t this been done? Har har. Anyway, I like that they put the title over his crotch, as if “big joy” didn’t already sound enough like a penis euphemism. Must be nice.