This Week In VOD & Streaming: J-Tro’s Wet & Reckless, Antiviral

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08.14.13 5 Comments

For this week’s edition of, well, This Week in Streaming, I’ve rounded up a nice variety of films from Hulu and Netflix, as well as one very special Video on Demand choice, of which you can watch the first seven minutes of below, for you all to watch while you stay indoors and think about what it is you did to get that bracelet on your ankle in the first place. I also threw in a TV series to shake things up and keep us all on our toes, but mainly so I can find out if anyone else is watching it or if it’s just my loser ass.

Anyway, fire up your viewing screens of choice and get ready to pass judgment like only you can, as this week’s streaming picks include:

Wet and Reckless

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

Good Dick


Fred Won’t Move Out


Valley of the Heart’s Delight

Note to Self

The Babysitters

Ripper Street

Already seen ‘em all? Well zip it and don’t spoil these fine or possibly terrible movies for the rest of us.

Video on Demand Pick of the Week

Wet and Reckless

Starring: Scout Taylor-Compton, Lucas Till, Sean Whalen, Jason Trost

A reality television show goes horribly wrong forcing its ill-equipped stars to hunt for buried treasure to find a way home.

Random YouTube Comment: “lmao. This is fucking amazing!”

Should You Watch It? I say yes, but decide for yourselves, as the folks behind Wet and Reckless, namely Jason Trost of The FP, were kind enough to let us all sneak a peek at the first seven minutes of the film.

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