This Week In Posters: Maze Running To The Isle Of Dogs

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01.02.18 46 Comments


Happy New Year, This Week In Posters readers. New year, same great poster content. If you missed it, check out our best and worst posters of the year features. This week, we begin with The Bakken, one of those titles that wouldn’t mean anything to me without the poster and tagline, which do a solid job telling us what it’s about. Thus upgrading it from “dismissive shrug” to “worth a Google.” For the record, The Bakken is a documentary that “takes an intimate snapshot of the people involved in North Dakota’s historic Bakken oil boom, telling a story of rural industrialization and distress that unfolds over multiple story lines to form a mosaic of cultural, environmental, and economic turbulence.”

Don’t think I’ll be Googling all of these. That’s a reward reserved for the decent poster havers.


For those of you who don’t speak Cyrillic alphabet, this is a poster for Braven, which sounds like one of those boring Liam Neeson movie titles that got accidentally got misconjugated on the way back from France. Brave, Braved, Will Brave, Braving, Has Braven.

The actual story: Jason Momoa plays “Joe Braven.” I can’t decide if that’s better or worse.

“Brave” could be a nice portmanteau of “brave” and “craven,” like a guy who runs into a burning house to avoid paying his child support.


I like the minimalist car art, but it’s undercut by the cliché of using American flag motifs for everything. Is Chappaquiddick a quintessentially American story? Feels like a stretch.

Also, you’ll need to see the movie to understand how laughable “the untold true story” tagline is. The story is neither untold nor true.


Is he Chinese or is he American? All we know is that he’s not a good guy! I kind of hate that I’m intrigued by this based solely on two or three words and symbols.

Also, I feel like “straightening a tie” is visual shorthand for “about to rob you blind.”

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