Press Tour Cliché: All hotties love comic books

This summer is packed to the tits with superhero movies, and I haven’t been all that excited about many of them, mainly because Captain America has Chris Evans running around in Old Navy baby tees and khakis, and everything we’ve seen from Green Lantern has been like watching paint dry on a Kenny G record.  My great white hope is and has been Thor (opens next weekend — already out overseas — directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins, trailer here). With Viking Gods, odd comedy, and a Shakespeare guy directing, it seems so weird that it just might work.  Our latest clip comes courtesy Jaimie Alexander’s appearance on Kimmel last night, in which her character, Sif, stabs Destroyer, the shiny, fire-breathing robot thing, right in the throat.  IN! THE! THROOOOAT!  It’s a pretty short clip, but still worth a watch, especially for our favorite press tour cliché, which comes right afterwards.

The Thor clip starts 10 seconds in.  After that, hot young actress Jaimie Alexander does the requisite sad nerd pandering where she proves that she’s just like us!  Seriously, you guys, I was so gawky, you should’ve seen me!  I was such a nerd! I only went to the modeling agency because my friend dared me! I was such a klutz!

ALEXANDER: And I’m a huge comic book fan, so…
KIMMEL: Are you really?  Because every time I have one these beautiful actresses in here from one of these movies, they say they’re a huge fan, and I never believe it.  Come on, do you really actually read comic books?
ALEXANDER: I absolutely do.  I gotta say, Spider-Man and X-Men were my favorite.  But I also love Star Wars, so I’m basically geek squared, and I’ll have you know I can do a spot-on Chewbacca…

Wait, Star Wars?  Did you just ADMIT you like Star Wars? Oh wow.  Everyone knows only the geekiest of geeks could possibly love an obscure piece of sci-fi esoterica like STAR WARS. Was that an indie comic?  Did it make any money?  Was it released in the states?  Is that on laser disc? I’ve barely even heard of it.  Christ almighty, Dorkington, you’re probably planning your next LARP sesh on your calculator watch right now, aren’t you.  HEY, TOMMY! D’JOU HEAR THIS CHICK SAY SHE LIKES STAR WARS?? HOLY JEEZ, WHAT A SQUARE!  LET’S STUFF HER IN A BAG AND THROW HER OFF A CLIFF.

[here’s the trailer]