Tim Burton in talks to direct Beetlejuice 2, written by Seth Grahame-Smith

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Tim Burton has basically been plagiarizing himself for the last decade, so much so that he even married a human Tim Burton character. So hey, might as well go with it, right? I assume that’s the thinking behind Warner Bros offering Burton the directing job on Beetljuice 2. Even though if Beetlejuice (1988) was a person, it’d be old enough to drink.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Sources say that Burton has the offer from Warner Bros. to direct the movie, on which he is already a producer with David Geffen.

But insiders say that Burton has yet to read the latest draft of the script, which is by Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg [Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s son -Ed]. (Grahame-Smith penned the scripts for Burton’s Dark Shadows and the Burton-produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, based on his own novel.)  The involvement of Michael Keaton, who played the titular ghost, is up in the air at this stage.

And it’s by no means his next movie. That would be Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which is set up at Fox.

I would say that Burton not having read the script, when it was co-written by Seth Grahame-Smith, seems like it’d be a huge obstacle to this getting made, given Seth Grahame-Smith’s less-than-stellar track record. But that sure didn’t stop Dark Shadows from getting made. I’m not sure if Tim Burton even reads scripts these days, or if he just doodles eyeliner and his ideas for ornately-patterned waistcoats on them. Whether Beetlejuice 2 happens or not, I eagerly await Burton’s next film, “Snowglobe Full of Eyeliner, Part 6,” starring Helena Bonham Carter’s giant hair and a pile of Johnny Depp’s bracelets.

“Hi, Tim! If you need me, I’ll be waiting by my rhinestone telephone with scarves tied around it!” (via Getty Image)

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