Tina Fey Won’t Ever Do A Nude Scene

Tina Fey is beloved by pretty much everyone not named Taylor Swift, but she’s also a 42-year old mother of two, which means that most of us are pretty cool with the fact that she won’t do nude scenes. But just in case there are still some people out there who would love to see her topless, she reiterated her no-titty stance in a recent interview with Movieline while discussing her new film, Admission, which also stars Paul Rudd. Now there’s an actor I wouldn’t mind seeing topless.

Fey revealed that the film’s script was originally a lot closer to the book, in that there was supposed to be a little freaky naughty sex time between her and Rudd, and those scenes required her to be topless. Sorry pervs, wasn’t gonna happen.

“The first meeting I had with Paul [Weitz not Rudd] and Karen Croner, we talked a little about the feminist politics of movie, and also, originally, the movie was closer to the book in that it had a couple of legitimate sex scenes in it and I was like…”

And then she did a throat slash and made an adorable Tina Fey kind of noise before some 80s keyboard notes took us away. Fey also briefly acknowledged that she’s appearing in The Muppets sequel, and that’s awesome because Tina Fey and Muppets are two very great things. Earlier this week, a screenshot hit the cat tubes and it reveals that she’s playing a Russian officer.