Titanic ending refuted & Morning Links

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Exclusive Storyboard from GI Joe 2 Reshoots |Film Drunk|

10 Examples Of Triple H Being The Worst Thing To Happen To Wrestling |Smoking Section|

This Is Streets Ahead: ‘Community’ Art Show ‘Six Seasons And A Movie’ |UPROXX|

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DeShawn Stevenson Has An ATM In His Kitchen |With Leather|

The First Trailer for Hitman: Absolution is Here and It’s Absolutely Ridiculous |Gamma Squad|

What New Characters Will Be Introduced in Season Three of ‘Game of Thrones’? |Warming Glow|

Here’s some spoilery stuff about Iron Man 3 that I don’t understand. |TheSuperficial|

Katy Perry Should Always Wear Makeup |IDLYITW|

15 Books By Great Authors That Were Never Finished |Buzzfeed|

Get Your Life In Order With These 6 Movie Mentors |ScreenJunkies|

What Happens When You Refuse ‘SNL’ |HuffPost Comedy|

The 20 funniest names in film & TV credits. |WorldWideInterweb|

25 Dark Fairy Tales We’d Rather See than Snow White and the Huntsman |HolyTaco|

Ween calls it quits |Fark|

Creepy Kids – Children in Horror |TheDailyWhat|

11 Crappiest Movies of Charlize Theron’s Career |Pajiba|

5 Signs Humans Are Still Evolving |Mentalfloss|

You Are Not Banksy |High Definite|

That’s Your Hotel Suite: David Lynch Hotel Suite |Videogum|

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