Todd Phillips’ Project X trades sign-language chimps for teen boobs

You might remember that early last year, I told you about a film Todd Phillips was making before Hangover 2, a smaller-budgeted ($12 million) “hard-R” raunchy comedy starring a cast of unknowns (all first-timers) directed by commercial director Nima Nourizadeh (with Phillips “closely overseeing”). Well now the trailer is finally here, and even though it steals the title of one my favorite Matthew Broderick chimp dramas of the 80s, it does have lots of scantily clad teens, which I enjoy. Plus, it’s very nostalgic. My high school experience was exactly like this, except instead of sex-filled pool parties, we hung out at Taco Bell and made potato guns and never got laid ever.

I especially enjoyed the out-of-context dog sex at the 1:05 mark. All movies should have dog sex as a visual metaphor.

“Dude, we were partying SO HARD last night. It was CRAZY.”

“Really? How crazy was it?”

(*out-of-context dog sex*)

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