Tom Hardy Is Suffering From Road Rage In The Trailer For ‘Locke’

There are people out there who consider movie trailers to be works of art on par with the actual films they represent, because the job of any good trailer is to make us want to fork over $12 for a ticket. Hell, I’d argue that some movie trailers should even be eligible for Academy Awards, because it’s a miracle of editing and creativity for someone to make The Legend of Hercules look like it isn’t a comedy. Then there are the movie trailers that reveal so little about a movie while making it look like it’s the best thing we’ll see all year, like this new trailer for the Tom Hardy thriller Locke.

All we know about Locke is that it’s the story of a frantic man on a “90-minutes race against time,” and this story takes place almost entirely in the car that Hardy is driving. I hope that he packed some air freshener, because after 90 minutes in any car, I get pretty farty.