Tom Petty’s daughter is directing a Saw movie, basically

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03.07.11 29 Comments

Though I’m sure we’ve long enjoyed his upbeat, post-classic rock singalong anthems, I doubt many of us knew Tom Petty had a daughter who directs.  Her name is Adria Petty (not Aria, thank God) and she’s set to make her feature debut on a film called Suffocate, which is like Saw for hoarders or some sh*t.  In a related story, I asked Scott Caan what he was up to these days, and he just took a huge bong load and said, “Learning to fly.”

Adria Petty, the daughter of singer Tom Petty, has been set to make her narrative feature directing debut on Suffocate, a Ben Olson-scripted thriller for Radar Pictures. Petty has directed commercials campaigns for McDonald’s, Target and Converse and helmed videos for Beyonce, Regina Spektor and Anjulie. She directed the documentary Paris, Not France, [about Paris Hilton -Ed.] which played the 2008 Toronto Film Festival.

Suffocate is a thriller about a group of city workers who enter a hoarder’s condemned brownstone and find it loaded with deadly traps, and an unrelenting killer. The group is forced to use their wits–and demolition tools–to stay alive. [Deadline]

I like to imagine one city worker turning to another and saying, “You better watch your step.  Or you’re gonna get hurt yourself,” then, right before a massive pendulum saw cuts him down to size, shouting, “Don’t do me like that!”

Haha, I kid, but seriously, this sounds sh*tty.

Here’s the trailer for Paris, Not France, in case you were interested. Paris Hilton is the original booby trap.

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