The Bros Will Rise Again In The Very Not Safe For Work ‘Total Frat Movie’ Trailer

If you were one of the very few people who saw the big screen adaptation of Bro Culture oracle Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and thought, “This is my Citizen Kane,” the folks at Gravitas Ventures have you covered. The trailer for Total Frat Movie – yes, a film based on the website that celebrates the debauchery and supposed awesomeness of Greek life – has arrived and it is everything you might expect from a low budget film about some bros who want to re-launch their old frat so they can party like they did before it all went to hell. It even answers the question: Hey, what the heck happened to Tom Green?

As for the story that Total Frat Movie will tell to college bros and high school seniors who dream of leaving home and being neck deep in a “typhoon of poon,” it’s hardly groundbreaking stuff.

Charlie Martin (Justin Deeley) couldn’t be happier to be the newest member of Alpha Chi Gamma. That is, until the rival Kappas sabotage their celebratory fireworks and the Alpha house is permanently shuttered. Just like that, Charlie’s dream of following in his late father’s footsteps, one of Alpha’s most legendary members, goes up in smoke. Three years later, a still distraught Charlie discovers a loophole in the school’s rules and presents his evidence to Dean Kravitz (Tom Green). The dean agrees to reinstate the Alphas, but under one condition: get 15 members by the end of rush week. One problem: rush week starts in 24 hours.

Perhaps Greek life has changed since Vince Mancini and I were partying at the SAE house, but is it really hard to find 15 dudes who need structured, organizational friendship and butt-chugging? I guess we’ll find out when Total Frat Movie hits theaters (or probably campus On Demand channels) on September 23. But if I don’t hear the phrase “Don’t call it a frat; you wouldn’t call your country a c*nt,” I am going to demand my money back.