A Thorough Accounting of Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Wigs

When Al Pacino plays an eccentric, megalomaniacal music producer in a biopic written and directed by David Mamet, you can bet it’s a recipe for ACTING, with a capital A. The script might as well be in all caps, and when it premieres on HBO March 29th, you might want to add a sneeze guard to your flatscreen to keep from getting sprayed like the first two rows at a Shamu show. STAND BACK, EVERYONE! PACINO’S GONNA SHOUT SOME WORDS!
Regardless, Phil Spector should slake your thirst for goofy wigs and opulence until Soderbergh’s Liberace picture hits later this year. Spector tells the uplifting story of Spector’s relationship with his defense attorney, Helen Mirren as Linda Kenney Baden (who also worked with Casey Anthony), as Spector’s first trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson ended in a mistrial, and eventually got him 19 years for second-degree murder in a second trial. Pacino reportedly refused to meet with Spector, which probably helped him deliver lines like “FIRST time you got felt up – guess what? You were listenin’ to one a my sawngs!” with a straight face.
In any case, you can watch the trailer below, and click on for a cataloging and naming of all of Pacino’s wigs. This one up top, we call that the John 3:16.

We call this one “The Sabotage.”
Here we have the “White Rick James.”
Say hello to “Renaissance Stableboy.”
We call this “Big Bang Theory,” or “The Platinum Bieber.”
This looks to be a rattier cousin of the Renaissance Stableboy. I call it the Susan Boyle’s Corpse.