TRAILER: Saving Mr. Banks, starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

Saving Mr. Banks stars Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in a John Lee Hancock film about the real-life tale of Mary Poppins creator PL Travers’ trip to Hollywood, where Travers (played here by Emma Thompson) would be wooed by the Mouseketariat himself, in the hopes of getting the rights to make a movie out of her character. The film is financed by Disney, so naturally Walt is portrayed as a kindly-old Tom Hanks type, and not as, say, a ruthless, Nazi-sympathizing businessman. But hey, I’m sure the film will leave enough room for nuance, after all, it is being directed by the guy from…. (*checks IMDB*) The Blind Side. Hahahahaha oh f*ck.

Opens in December, just in time for Oscar season, which I’m sure was just a coincidence.