TRAILER: Alex Gibney’s ‘The Armstrong Lie,’ about Lance Armstrong

I’ve never been convinced that Lance Armstrong is this evil villain, which has become far and away the dominant media narrative in the last few years. He just seems like he was the best at a sport that you have to dope in order to win. Honestly, aren’t there more important things people are lying about every day than bi-sickle racing? But everyone seems to hate Lance Armstrong so much that there must be something to it, and hopefully Alex Gibney (Gonzo, Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron) can break it down for me.

Gibney started following Armstrong in 2009, hoping to document his comeback, but instead got caught up in the doping allegations and Armstrong eventually admitting his guilt. Gibney was pissed about being lied to, and made this instead. I just hope we can all see this and not the three competing Lance Armstrong biopics. Biopics are like history written for third graders.

Poor Floyd Landis always looks like such a schlub. I can’t help but picture him as the Butters of cycling.