Trey Parker Demonstrates How He Gets His Daughter Betty To Record Ike’s Lines On ‘South Park’

Kyle Broflovski’s kindergarten-aged, adopted-from-Canada brother Ike on South Park has been voiced by a number of child voice actors over the years, and now — little known fact — in season 20, Ike has the honor of being voiced by none other than Trey Parker’s three-year-old daughter Betty. Perhaps it’s for this reason that Ike has been given a more prominent role than usual this season, as Gerald Broflovski’s unwitting co-conspirator in his internet trolling endeavors.

How how do you get a toddler to record sometimes profane lines for an animated adult TV show? In this video posted to Instagram by Parker’s wife, Boogie Parker (née Tillmon), the series co-creator goads Betty into saying Ike’s line “what’s goin’ on dad?!” from last week’s Mr. Garrison-electing episode “Oh, Jeez” by repeating the line with her over and over until he’s able to trick her into saying it on her own. It takes the kid a few tries, but once she gets it, she really nails it.

Betty needed slightly less encouragement to record Ike’s next line, which I won’t spoil for you and is somehow even more hilarious and adorable coning out of an actual human child than an animated one.

(Via Reddit)