True Grit passes $100 million

Studios tend to release anything with awards potential at the end of the year, making December a battleground for awards-bait movies and January a dumping ground for crap, like Season of the Witch.  But it wasn’t all bad news this weekend, as True Grit crossed the $100 million mark domestically, becoming the Coen Brothers’ highest-grossing movie of all time, and passing other Westerns Unforgiven, Maverick, Tombstone, and Brokeback Mountain No Country for Old Men finished with $74 million domestically.

True Grit led the weekend with $15 million.  Elsewhere, Little Fockers was still earning more than it should ($13.8m for the weekend, $124 million total – a lot, but less than half the last fockers movie), and Season of the Witch was tanking, but not as hard as Gulliver’s Travels, which fell to number 12 in its third weekend and has thus far earned $35 million on a $112 million budget.  Man, who would’ve thought a 3D version of an 18th century political satire aimed at kids was such a bad idea?  Oh right, everyone.

Meanwhile, Boxcar Gwynnie‘s extended cowgirl roleplay, Country Strong, did middling business in its first nationwide role out, earning $7.3 million from an audience that was 71% female.  I imagine you’ll soon be able to commemorate the event with a decorative bean tin and top hat with the top missing (“distressed”), just $109.95 from

via BoxOfficeMojo

Title Weekend Per Theater Total
1 True Grit $15,000,000 (-38.6%) $4,802 $110,430,000
2 Little Fockers $13,781,000 (-46.5%) $3,750 $123,982,000
3 Season of the Witch $10,726,000 $3,809 $10,726,000
4 Tron Legacy $9,803,000 (-47.7%) $3,254 $147,925,000
5 Black Swan $8,350,000 (-6.0%) $5,271 $61,455,000
6 Country Strong $7,300,000 $5,126 $7,437,000
7 The Fighter $7,000,000 (-30.0%) $2,769 $57,844,000
8 The King’s Speech $6,811,000 (-12.4%) $8,985 $33,293,000
9 Yogi Bear $6,810,000 (-45.0%) $2,071 $75,606,000
10 Tangled $5,200,000 (-47.0%) $2,182 $175,868,000