Confused Twitter Users Thought That Blake Lively Married Ryan Gosling

Yesterday, we brought you the interesting story about the super secret wedding of Green Lantern and Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds and actress Blake Lively that took place at the Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. That’s important to note because that’s the same place that The Notebook was filmed at and… wait, Ryan Gosling is Canadian. Ryan Reynolds is Canadian. *draws things in the air with finger, types 80085 on calculator* CANADA IS INVADING SOUTH CAROLINA!
Or probably not. My math is a little fuzzy. But if I can get confused and start developing Red Dawn level conspiracies based on a simple news story, then I’m sure that other people were probably confused, too. And I’m right, because Twitter is like a giant game of drunk telephone with someone Tweeting a random statement like “Katie Holmes bought a new pair of shoes” and it eventually being manipulated into “Kelsey Grammar invokes 4th Reich, marries dog.”
So obviously, when someone reported that Ryan Reynolds married Blake Lively at the site where The Notebook was filmed, that turned into Blake Lively married Ryan Gosling, because our generation has the attention span of… I wonder what defense to play in fantasy football this week.

Thankfully, the site Cockenblog kept track of the confusion and I took those Tweets and put them on pictures of Blake Lively because after posts about Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Abraham Lincoln, it’s about time for something for the fellas.
(H/T to College Humor)