Two New Clips From ‘Bad Words’ Fail To Tell Us Why Jason Bateman Is An A-Hole

Jason Bateman’s directorial debut, Bad Words, is heading to SXSW before is opens nationwide on March 28, so us suckers that aren’t special enough to head to Austin to see this dark comedy are still going to have to wait a whole month. Fortunately, the people behind it know how to keep us happy and they’re hooking us up with all of the trailers and clips that we need to hold us over until the release, without actually revealing too much about the movie.

So if you’re wondering why Bateman’s character is such a colossal dickhead who enters middle school spelling bees at age 40 and craps all over the hopes and dreams of small children, you’re going to have to keep wondering, because these two new clips are only going to tease you more. Damn you, studios that don’t reveal all of the main plot points and best jokes before a movie is released. How dare you be so good to the film?