’22 Jump Street’: C-Tates and Jonah Hill Shoot Guns and Grab Their Junk in Two New Trailers

We’ve known a 21 Jump Street sequel was in the works pretty much since the day the first one dropped and became a surprise hit, and now the trailers are here (in red-band and international form). A sequel to a comedy is always a dicey proposition (can you name a good one? Naked Gun, maybe?), but I would’ve said the same thing about a movie based on 21 Jump Street. Then the first one came out, and by the grace of Korean Jesus it was actually decent.

The sequel reunites the creative team behind the first, writer Michael Bacall and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and sees the boys infiltrate college – the old Saved by the Bell expansion plan, if you will (sorry, Baywatch Nights). It doubles down on the winking self-references, with Nick Offerman solemnly stating “Well I hoped never to see you again. …Nobody gave a shit about the Jump Street reboot, but you got lucky. So now this department has invested a lot of money, to make sure Jump Street keeps going.

Get it???? I think “the department” might be secret code for Sony.

Red-band trailer:

International trailer:

Goth Jonah Hill is going to give me nightmares. Also, does anyone else wish this was a documentary about Channing Tatum actually trying to get his college degree?