Tyrese Is Getting Over The Death Of Paul Walker With Some Emails From God

Tyrese Gibson was a guest on The Arsenio Hall Show earlier this week – two Arsenio clips in one day, what contest did I win?!?! – and his interview mostly focused on how he has coped with the loss of his close friend and Fast and Furious franchise co-star Paul Walker. It’s really hard to gauge just how much a person’s death has affected one person compared to another, but since the day of Walker’s horrible car crash, Tyrese seems to have taken the news much harder than most people, because he’s been visibly shaken on multiple occasions, including the time that someone showed him a Paul Walker tribute decal on the rear end of Bumblebee.

Seeing Tyrese this upset sucks because he always seems like the happiest guy in the room, no matter what he’s talking about. Take this interview with Arsenio, for example, as he inspires rounds of applause for simply saying how old he is (dude, he’s only 35?) and that he’s best friends with Will Smith. So how does such a typically happy guy get his smile back? Well, God emailed him and told him to go to Dubai with Smith and have some fun.

The only emails I get are from girls with webcams. :(