Uproxx Video: Birthday After Party & Morning Links

This is by far the weirdest Uproxx Video we’ve posted. I think you might like it.

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Morning Links

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Mad Men Power Rankings |Grantland|

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5 Reasons Superhero Movies Are a Bubble That Will Soon Burst |Cracked|

Arlen’s Transmission Service Commercial Is The Next Dance Craze |HuffPost Comedy|

10 Characters in Kids’ Movies Who Must Have Been Scarred for Life |College Humor|

Bob’s Burgers became TV’s most enjoyable show by channeling early Simpsons |AV Club|

Europe’s Tallest Elevator |The Chive|

Television’s Most Beautiful Shows |Pajiba|

Writing ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ |Clip Nation|

Six Unforgettable (And Wildly Varied) Episodes of MTV Unplugged |Unreality|

The Toledo Mud Hens’ Chewbacca Jerseys are Unbelievable |Brobible|

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