‘The Avengers with Pugs’ is getting posted because obviously

After the jump, I’ve got a YouTube video entitled “Avenger Pugs,” whose title is both perfectly self-explanatory and yet woefully incapable of fully conveying the true majesty of pugs dressed as The Avengers. And before any of you start tut-tutting about people being cruel to their pugs for our amusement… just stop. This is the pug’s purpose. Pugs can barely give birth without caesarian sections and when you feed them, they get fat and turn into waddling loaves of bread that wheeze. This animal does not exist in the wild. Even if it could see with its wall eyes, the wheezing would scare away prey it wasn’t fast enough to catch anyway. Pugs were bred solely for the purpose of looking silly for our amusement, and at that they are perfect. Pugs are nature’s clowns. This is them in their natural state.

Sidenote, is it just me, or does Michael Shannon kind of look like a human pug lately? He always had the walleyed thing, but the hairline puts it over the top.

[Pic via TheSuperficial]