Here’s a dolphin having sex with a headless fish corpse set to spy music

This video of a dolphin having sex with a headless fish corpse isn’t especially movie related, but I think you’ll agree that the way the editor set the video to James Bond-y spy music is very cinematic. And anyway, I’m trying to realize my goal of being the number one Google result for “masturbating dolphin.” God willing. I’ll need your help, each and every one of you.

In any case, it appears to be some kind of river dolphin, which uploader Alexandros Malikides says he filmed at the zoo with his family, sticking its penis in a headless fish carcass, which if we’re to judge by the dolphin’s face, is an act that is immensely pleasurable. As commenter Donkey Hodey once opined, “Dolphins kill for fun and sexually abuse lesser species. They’re like the redneck of the sea.”

Thanks to Uproxx’s animal rape expert Robopanda for the tip (via I09). (Although, is it still considered rape if the animal is already dead? Discuss.)