VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson throws like a girl

As if it wasn’t bad enough that they gave him a girl’s name in The Hunger Games (“Peeta” – true story: I thought it was “Peter” for the entire movie), Josh Hutcherson was recently made to throw out the first pitch at a Cincinnati Reds as a cruel joke. Hutcherson promptly plunked the ball three feet in front of the plate and spent all night scrubbing dirt stains out of his lacy sun dress (I’m guessing). Jay Leno made Hutcherson relive the humiliation last night on his “show” that people supposedly “watch,” where Hutcherson tried to explain: “Jay, Jay, I’m an athlete,” he sputtered, “I’m a better athlete than that, I promise you!”

It’s too bad real life isn’t The Hunger Games, where Hutcherson no doubt would’ve thrown a perfect strike and then explained “I used to toss customers their change all the time at the bakery! Did I mention I used to work at a bakery?”

We should make athletes act and sing and dance and actors play sports more often. Then maybe a blogger fashion show where we have to bathe and style ourselves. That fish-out-of-water stuff never gets old. “Hee hee, look at him gasp!”