True Facts About Morgan Freeman and Your Morning Links

“Morgan Freeman narrated his own birth,” and other Morgan Freeman facts. South Park clearly started this, but that’s okay because it was worth piggybacking. Morgan Freeman facts are the new Chuck Norris facts. [via Viral Viral]

MORNING LINKSAwkward Interview Alert: Tarantino gets crabby |Film Drunk|

This week on the Frotcast, we solve the JFK conspiracy once and for all.|Frotcast|

10 Things We Learned About ‘Archer’ From The ‘Archer Live! Tour’ With The Cast |Warming Glow|

Amy Poehler and George Clooney winning the cuteness award at the Golden Globes. |SuicideBlonde|

The Best And Worst Of Geek Culture 2012 (Part 2) |Gamma Squad|

The Outkast ‘Reunion’ Finally Happened, In A Remix Of A Frank Ocean Song |UPROXX|

A Behind The Scenes Look At Sammy Sosa’s New Social Media PR Rehab Experiment |With Leather|

Just Another Dwyane Wade To LeBron James Reverse Alley-Oop |Smoking Section|

Brandon Spikes Dances To Signal Possession |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Boy, that escalated quickly |theChive|

How To Throw A Historically Accurate Downton Abbey Dinner Party |Buzzfeed|

Here’s Why Megan Fox Failed At Twitter |The Superficial|

Rockin’ out on the xylophone |Videogum|

How Not to Help Nature |Holy Taco|

11 Obscure References in Classic Songs—Explained! |Mental Floss|

Goddamnit, Seth MacFarlane: Stop Making Me Like You. It’s Pissing Me Off |Pajiba|

Harry Styles Dumped Taylor Swift Because She’s “Asexual And Doesn’t Put Out” |IDLYITW|

Reporter Spoofs ‘Ghost’ Pottery Scene on Live TV |Clip Nation|

Heather Graham in a bath tub, surrounded by candles. Luckiest firefighters ever |Fark|

President Obama Blows Up the Death Star |NextMovie|

Is This ‘Dubstep Bird’ the Next Skrillex? |Brobible|

Is Bigelow Our Best Action Director? ||

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