TRAILER: ‘Pacific Rim’ is Robot Jox vs. Godzilla, apparently

I’ve mostly been bored with Guillermo Del Toro’s post-Pan’s Labyrinth output, and the guy makes like 12 movies a year so it can be hard to keep up (he has EIGHTEEN in development credits on IMDB)… BUT, having seen this latest trailer for Pacific Rim… well, I’m listening. I’d sort of tuned out all the viral marketing crap for it (because viral marketing always feels like two ad guys jerking each other off), but things might have been different if they’d simply told me it was about ROBOT JOX FIGHTING GODZILLA. (Man, who knew Robot Jox would go on to become so influential, huh?) It’s hard to impress people with scale anymore, now that we’ve all seen the Eiffel Tower get destroyed in six trillion Roland Emmerich trailers, but I must say, I was impressed by the scale of this one. Or maybe it was the robots fighting sea monsters that did it. You know what? I might be overthinking this. Opens July 12.