SUPERCUT: The Worst Rap Scenes in Movie History

With Miley Cyrus and the idea of “cultural appropriation” a hot topic today (for the record, multi-syllabic words are almost always wasted when applied to Miley Cyrus), now seemed like a great time to post this supercut from NextMovie, compiling the worst rap scenes in movie history. According to them, anyway. I’ll give you Warren Beatty in Bulworth (I actually have a soft spot for that movie, God knows why), but “Nachos! Lemonheads! My dad’s boat! We won’t go down ’cause my dick can float!” from Stepbrothers shouldn’t count as the worst of anything, unless we’re on Bizarro World.

I included the above screencap from… House Party? Class Act? (citation needed)… as a cautionary tale for those who might follow trends too closely. Mother of God.

I thought “Dunkachino” was kind of funny. Does this mean I have to see Jack and Jill now? Smurfs, on the other hand, looks even worse than my worst fears led me to imagine. (*shudder*)

Editing Credit: Bryan Menegus.