Watch Disney’s Oscar-Nominated Short, Paperman

Disney just released their Oscar-nominated animated short, Paperman, on YouTube, which seems like a great place for a short film.

A blend of hand-drawn animation and computer graphics, Paperman is set in a stylized mid-century Manhattan. It deals with the star-crossed love of two office workers, and how a pile of papers brings them together. Disney released the video on YouTube late Tuesday.

The short is drenched in nostalgia — not least because of our increasingly paperless offices. (Throwing your laptop out of the window doesn’t quite have the same airborne effect.) But the seamless hand-drawn and computer combo — created by a group of just 12 artists and first-time director John Kahrs — is something new in the world. [Mashable]

Is it just me, or does the cartoon chick kind of look like Anne Hathaway? Maybe it’s the giant eyes. And the song they use sounds like the opening of “Radio” by REM. Sorry, I’m making all kinds of connections this morning. Anyway, I like imagining some poor child trying to rent Paperman, and accidentally renting The Paperboy and then crying when Nicole Kidman starts peeing on Zac Efron and John Cusack masturbates into his prison jump suit.