Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Down In Tears On ‘The View’ After The Death Of Her Mentor Mike Nichols

“Mike Nichols is the first person who saw Whoopi (Goldberg) performing and said, ‘You got something kid.’ She was a downtown street artist and he said, ‘Let’s do a show.’ They put it together and he began and gave her an entire beginning of her career and recognized her brilliance before anyone else.” -Rosie O’Donnell

Whoopi Goldberg was overcome with grief this morning on The View as news broke of the death of her friend Mike Nichols, the man responsible for getting her career off the ground. Two years ago, Whoopi brought Nichols on the show as her mentor, saying “whenever I’m with you, I know I’m ok—this is why I love you—you are one of the few people who can bring me to tears.”

Whoopi’s reaction…